Helen Tantra
Tantra neu erleben


*Mindfulness in others starts with mindfulness in yourself.
In order to create a peaceful and respectful space for both sides, I would like to introduce you to my customs.

*My massages are receptive massage pleasures.
You remain in a passive-enjoying role during the massage.

*I ask you to refrain from inquiries regarding other services (GV, OV, whatever).
These will not be complied with by me in any way!

*In order to be able to prepare for you accordingly, I ask you to make an appointment in good time (preferably a few days in advance).
The sooner you contact me, the greater the probability of meeting your desired date.


We will arrange your desired date, and you will come to my studio.

After a short preliminary talk and with a drink of your choice, you are welcome to ask me a few more questions, which I will be happy to answer for you.

Afterward, you can take a refreshing shower, where you can simply rinse away everyday life before your tantric massage begins.

With a reverent greeting ritual and harmonious music, the tantra massage is introduced.

The tantric massage is given on the floor on a heated futon.

We immerse ourselves in the world of sensuality. There is only one thing that is important: "YOU" are there, feel welcome with your body.

You are just allowed to BE, present in the HERE and NOW – everything flows.

Feel accepted and secure, I will only be there for YOU. There is NOTHING left for you to do.

Using warm neutral almond oil, your whole body will be adored, touched and massaged from head to toe.

Since the tantra massage is a holistic massage, a lingam/yoni massage takes place at the end.

This is an intimate massage in which you are allowed to climax through certain movements.

With the gentle touches, you can experience not only closeness and warmth, but also unexpected and perhaps unknown sensations.

You will also be a little enchanted by the stream of energy flowing through your body.

After the massage, you are welcome to rest on your own for a few minutes and take a shower until we say goodbye again.