Tantra in a different way!

Seduction by touch

Tantra in Munich. Hello and welcome to our website. We look forward to taking you on a sensual and exciting journey of discovery. With a lot of heart and soul, charm and esprit we prepare a massage experience of a very special kind for you.

Sensory rapture - in the frenzy of bliss

My name is Helen, and I’m your accompaniment to the world of Tantra. I’m the security you want so much. Come to me and drop yourself.

Enjoy the unbeatable, sensual and warmth.

Be a part of me.

It’s getting exciting and unique as I am.Let me show you passion. I’m your temptation, your desire.

Enjoy the moment you’ll forget everything around you. Come to me in the wonderful world of Tantra.

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Enter, let yourself be enchanted and let us enter the harmonious world of sensuality for the duration of your stay.

My wish is to give you through my massage the love, warmth and security that you seek and deserve.

Dear Guest,

for a fullfilling experience please take note from our rules and read the FAQ’s.

Massages for every Desire


As a competent contact person, I enable you to get away from your everyday life and to lead you to complete relaxation and regeneration to the best of our knowledge.

You are very welcome to take further information from the respective profile.

See you soon,


Tanzlehrerin, Eigentümerin